Some Private Projects

Currently going by the alias, The Jack of Sandwich, I'm a professional programmer by day, and by night I dabble at being an amateur programmer. I've been playing around with various personal projects to play around with technologies or scratch an itch. Here are a few webapps I've left open to the public.

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

An online version of the classic rock-paper-scissors game, with two additional options- lizard and spock. Chat with other users before finding an automatic match and compete for best 3 out of 5. Register and brag about your score with your friends, or just quickly login as a guest

Written in Angular 8 as a learning experiment, with a Spring Boot backend, combining a REST interface and Websockets.

Your Shopping List

An application written using JQuery on the front end with a PHP backend. It is designed as a tool to let you store your list of commonly needed items, add new ones on need and select how many of an item you need (or leave it off entirely). A separate mode lets you mark off items as you put them in your cart. It supports reordering and rechategorizng via dragging.

Register to try it out, or use Username:Example Password:password


A choose/write-your-own-adventure application written in javascript w/ a Spring Boot back-end. Allows extending the story with new chapters, new options or searching existing story by name or author.

Inspired by Addventure: The Unending Addventure, which I spent my time on in the '90s. Still open for read